Getting To Know Heather…

What inspired/triggered you to start privatizing and teaching yoga?

I was first introduced to yoga by my dad and Hanai family on Big Island… Growing up under them meditating and focusing on breath work…
We eventually moved from the islands & landed on the East Coast- with my Italian & European Jewish roots. Here I began dance & gymnastics. Gymnastics stuck and led me all the way thru graduating high school, a lot of fun hard work and a few physical ailments later I had become more and more interested in the body!
When I went to college I looked back to my roots and tried out yoga. Automatically I fell in love and went back to Big Island for my first Training- starting teaching the next year at school and then began to travel and incorporate teaching everywhere I went, privatizing my style fusing my yoga and gymnastics background. Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica back and forth to Pennsylvania and Hawaii! I was teaching and living my yoga!! What a dream! I noticed I was creating small student followings and when I would revisit I would host classes.
Outside, inside, art studios, and country clubs here or there, wherever I was, I was teaching! And loving it!
As I evolved so did my teaching, diving into more trainings and taking up Lomi Lomi massage I continued to learn about the body, mind, spirit & soul. So much to learn and so many layers, I loved that yoga was an endless study a continuous pursuit of knowledge, as Ganesha reminds us is so important!
Currently in Maui I have a Community class at Hoomanas spa and on the Paia Bay grass.
I am a massage therapist
At Ho’omana and lucky To be able to host classes and such an amazingly Healing spa!
Paia Bay Jog and Flow Yoga actually got started when lulu lemon coined me their ‘guru of the month’ back in 2012 and they asked me to create a community class for the month.
Jog and Flow was born and hasn’t ever stopped- (unless I’m on a jet set away )

What is your favorite pose? What does it mean for you?

Gomukhasana – Cow face pose. I used to study like this in college haha
Love it’s hip opening, but I love to pair it with breath expanding eagle arms or a surrendering bow.

Also partial to a good twist and child’s pose.
Heart opening asanas are good for my soul (& everyone’s.  I spend quite a bit of time in supported fish pose. OPEN YOUR HEART.

Do you have any special mantras?

Om Mani Padme Hum
Before I even know it’s significance my aunties to say this on repeat in moments when she needed to ‘check in’
It became my mantra before I even knew it’s meaning-  as Mantras sometimes find you
Now it’s healing me in so many ways and helped me in ways it new I needed to open..

I also love the mantra ‘Accept What Is & Allow Change To Occur Around Me Without Attachment’
This has helped me in many tough times to breath and find in flow in way things unfold.

What are the biggest challenges for you in yoga?

I’d have to say slower practices like Yin and Kundalini are the most challenging for me. I’m an Aries and naturally fiery so it important for me to work these practices in to keep a balance. In my busy schedule, I have a hard time making the time for them bc it doesn’t affect me in the same way as vinyasa or heated classes that I LOVE. Kundalini brings up a lot of anxiety for me and yin I can handle a bit more. But I do know it’s important to bring in the slow cooling practices as well!!!

How do you build your relationships with students?

As a massage therapist and yoga instructor I love helping others heal themselves. People who commit to themselves and are open become really close students and clients. We end up healing eachother when we show up like this! I try my best to offer community pricing so yoga is available even to those who can’t afford or aren’t so into a studio practice. I also attach a acai bowl gathering after my Paia Bay Community Class on Tuesday’s which is a great way to connect after class off the mat in a comfortable friendly setting and good conversation!

How do you get your practice in and where?

Ive discovered to be my best self I should access yoga daily. When I let myself get out of practice my body is in pain & my soul feels stale. Pain is a huge motivator and knowing how to find my grounding, my center and come back to FULL through my practice is an amazing tool to be able to access anywhere.
So grateful for my practice!

Whether it’s at Home in the morning in my Living room for 2o min or going for it at a local studio. Ive been teaching since i was 18 and at some point i was teaching 7 days a week 2 Classes a day and other times only once a week but i always get my daily practice In one way or another – always making sure to find the balance and give the body & mind a day of rest each week for the body to recover.
Currently between teaching my two community classes (Monday night @Hoomana spa 6:30-7:30 and Tuesday mornings at Paia bay 9:30-10:30 Jog n Flow) my group private on Wednesdays and taking 4-6 classes a week – I get my fill.

How do you feel that your style and flow of yoga practice is influenced by your unique personality?

Type of yoga /my personality :
As a fiery Aries with a gymnastics background & being driven by my love of  staying healthy and fit my style has been born from integrating it all!
My business is called ROOTED FLIGHT because in ALL WALKS OF LIFE, to GROWN and EXPAND we need to be grounded in our ROOTS. My yoga practice reminds me of this and helps me find my own Rooted Flight on my path.

What types of yoga do you teach?

I call the style I teach Vinyasa Fusion.  It’s a flow based practice with building strength, core awareness and of corse challenging our balance all worked in!!!
I always play off my class and what’s going on with everyone in it to focus the practice around each day. Sometimes it’s a slow flow vinyasa fusion and other times is a power flow vinyasa fusion!
Love to feel the flow with my breath!